MHQ SPRING 2002, VOL: 14 NO: 3

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The Face of Modern War by Dennis E. Showalter, Admiral Moffett's Airships by Kevin L. Cook, Calm Before the Storm by Warren Wilkinson and Steven E. Woodworth, 'I Wage No War with the Fair' by Stephen Webbe, Ultra: Misunderstood Allied Secret Weapon by Williamson Murray, Lighting Rod of Portugese India by Ricardo Bonalume Neto, Trouble in Suchan by Robert L. Willett, Los Diablos Tejanos by Robert M. Utley, Artists on War: Shooting Wars by Philip Burnham, Fighting Words: Terms from Military History by Christine Ammer, Experience of War: Raid on Makin by Patrick K. O'Donnell, Opposing Views: Teddy Roosevelt's Medal of Honor by Edward M. Coffman and Allan R. Millett


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